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  • “互信雙贏,共謀發展” 鋱羅機器人與福泰益簽署技術合作協議 "Mutual trust and win-win, and seek common development" RJS Robot and Futaiyi Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement


    RJS (Shanghai) Robot Technology Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Futaiyi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. formally signed a technical cooperation agreement in Shanghai on November 13, 2018. Mr. Lin, Deputy General Manager of RJS Robot, signed the agreement on behalf of the company.



     Kunshan Futaiyi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned company in Taiwan, specializing in planning automation equipment and related project management. The two parties signed a technical cooperation agreement this time, hoping to give full play to the advantages of both parties in the fields of smart logistics, smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, to achieve complementary advantages, and to establish a long-term friendly partnership to improve market competitiveness and create a win-win situation.

    鋱羅(上海)機器人科技有限公司自創立以來已幫助全球多個國家和地區的企業實現 “智慧物流,智能制造”,業務案例在各行業領域次第開花。

    RJS (Shanghai) Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. has helped companies in many countries and regions around the world to achieve "smart logistics, intelligent manufacturing" since its establishment, and business cases have blossomed in various industries.



    In this technical cooperation, RJS (Shanghai) Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is designated as Kunshan Futaiyi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. to improve quality and efficiency, reduce costs, and promote the further development of enterprises towards automation, informatization and intelligence.