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  • AGV 及 AGVS 的安全裝置設計 Safety Device Design of AGV and AGVS


    AGV(Automatic Guided Vehicle),即自動導引車,是一種物料搬運設備,是能在一位置自動進行貨物的裝載,自動行走到另一位置,自動完成貨物的卸載的全自動運輸裝置。

    AGV小車 停止區 減速區.jpg     AGV Trolley Stop Area Deceleration Area


    安全裝置的作用包括防止設備在運行中出錯,也預防運行出錯對人員及其運行環境設施產生的影響,安全裝置的功用除了保護AGV自身安全,以及維護AGV 功用的順利完成外,還在最大可能的范圍內保護人員和運行環境設施的安全。

    AGVS (Automatic Guided Vehicle System)的運用是一個復雜的高技術系統工程。一般地,每一個AGVS,它都會包括多臺AGV 設備。AGVS 的正常運行,其安全防護系統的構成涉及的因素很多,較為復雜。

    本文將綜述各種AGV 的結構,將單機結構劃分為不同的,但又可以相互借用的若干模塊,從其功能方面論述AGV 的安全裝置;以及 AGVS 的安全防護措施。

    1 整車結構及其他安全性裝置; 

    2 運行環境的安全防護措施;

    3  計算機系統的安全防護信息處理所需;  

    4 應用示例及結束語。


    AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), that is, automatic guided vehicle, is a kind of material handling equipment. It is a fully automatic transportation device that can automatically load goods in one location, automatically travel to another location, and automatically complete the unloading of goods.

    AGV trolley stop area deceleration area.jpg

    Like other automation equipment, safety devices are one of its most important components. In a modern production environment, people and various mechanical facilities are in the same environment. As a moving functional machine, AGV's safety function is particularly important.

    The role of safety devices includes preventing equipment from making mistakes during operation, and also preventing the impact of operating errors on personnel and their operating environment facilities. In addition to protecting the safety of the AGV itself and maintaining the smooth completion of the AGV function, the function of the safety device is also maximized. within the scope of protecting the safety of personnel and operating environment facilities.

    The application of AGVS (Automatic Guided Vehicle System) is a complex high-tech system engineering. Generally, each AGVS will include multiple AGV devices. For the normal operation of AGVS, the composition of its safety protection system involves many factors and is relatively complex.

    This article will review the structure of various AGVs, divide the stand-alone structure into several modules that are different but can be borrowed from each other, and discuss the safety devices of AGVs from their functions; and the safety protection measures of AGVS.

    1 Vehicle structure and other safety devices;

    2 Safety protection measures for the operating environment;

    3. Necessary for the processing of security protection information of the computer system;

    4 Application examples and concluding remarks.

    附件: AGV及AGVS的安全裝置設計.pdf