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  • 再見昨天,你好未來——AGV研發制造商打造一流智能物流實驗室 Goodbye Yesterday, Hello Future - AGV R&D Manufacturer Builds First-class Intelligent Logistics Laboratory


    In the second half of 2018, the sincere and combative team of RJS Robot has successfully completed the upgrades again and again in the era of entering the acceleration mode.


    Due to the rapid growth of business volume in the past year, RJS Robot has opened a new office since July, expanding the scale of the enterprise, optimizing the office environment, and providing a better platform for more dreamy and talented partners. So far, the four major centers of Terbium Robot: Technology R&D Center, Market Development Center, Production Management Center, and Administrative Operation Center all have independent office floors.



    In order to ensure product quality and stability, RJS Robot has also added a whole layer of advanced intelligent logistics laboratory for copying and debugging before products are shipped. The RJS Smart Logistics Advanced Laboratory is specially built for colleges and universities to provide teaching experiment bases, improve students' technical skills, and improve students' employment rate. It is set up to achieve in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises.


    At the beginning of the establishment of the company, RJS Robot has reached long-term cooperative relations with famous universities such as Jiaotong University and Northeastern University. At present, Terbium Robot has an international-level technology development platform and a first-class R&D team of nearly 50 senior technicians. . As a product of the development of the logistics industry, AGV has gone through more than ten years and has developed very rapidly. And RJS Robot, as a rising star in the AGV industry, made a strong attack in 2018 and reached a new height.


    • 打造國內高校獨一無二的智能物流實驗室;

    • 助力高校培養適配企業所需人才,成為學生就業直通車;

    • 為師生攻克科研或教學專題,整合資源,完善課程體系;

    • 成就高校人才培養、課程實訓及師生創業;

    • 幫助師生重點攻堅前沿技術。

    RJS Smart Logistics Advanced Laboratory Positioning:

    • Build a unique intelligent logistics laboratory in domestic universities;

    • Help colleges and universities cultivate talents needed by enterprises, and become a through train for student employment;

    • For teachers and students to conquer scientific research or teaching topics, integrate resources, and improve the curriculum system;

    • Achievement of talent training, curriculum training and teacher and student entrepreneurship in colleges and universities;

    • Help teachers and students focus on cutting-edge technologies.


    All the staff of RJS Robot are looking forward to continuing to write better and create more brilliance with a new look in a new environment.