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Full liquid condenser evaporator combination

Product description


The full liquid evaporator is often used with centrifugal compressor or screw compressor in medium and large water chillers, with good system efficiency. The biggest characteristic of full liquid evaporator is that the refrigerant liquid occupies a lot of space in the evaporator, which usually submerges more than half of the volume of the evaporator. Full liquid evaporator relies on liquid refrigerant to submerge a large number of refrigerant tube bundles and evaporate on the surface of the tube bundles to cool the refrigerant. Because of large heat transfer surface and high boiling heat transfer coefficient, the refrigeration capacity of full liquid evaporator is higher.

  • Zhaosheng

  • Yongsheng

  • Hemei

  • Chivet

  • Iceberg

  • Xinsheng

  • Sanyan

  • Mitsubishi

  • Tecka

  • Vick

  • Grede

  • Ollika

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