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Three system condenser

Product description


1. Trial scope

Condition 1: evaporation temperature TE = 2 ℃, condensation temperature TE = 40 ℃, subcooling TE = 5 ℃, inlet water temperature Ti = 30 ℃, outlet water temperature Ti = 35 ℃;

Condition 2: evaporation temperature TE = 2 ℃, condensation temperature TE = 35 ℃, subcooling TE = 5 ℃, inlet water temperature Ti = 18 ℃, outlet water temperature Ti = 29 ℃;

Special specifications and sizes are customized according to customer requirements

2. Characteristics of shell and tube condenser

Shell and tube condenser is a kind of heat exchanger, single loop and double loop with relatively simple structure, convenient maintenance and high heat exchange performance. It is specially designed for air conditioning system, cooling system, heat pump and processing system. It is widely used in chemical refrigeration, power plant, refrigerator and other applications.

a. Heat transfer range of shell and tube condenser: 11340kcal / H ~ 1134000kcal / h (4HP ~ 450hp).

b. The shell and tube condenser is manufactured by precision numerical control. The technical index has reached the international advanced level after being tested by the national test center.

c. The shell and tube condenser adopts the side cover design, so the scale in the tube is easy to remove. Remove the two end covers, and select the special copper tube cleaning brush to push back and forth in the copper tube to clean the scale on the tube wall. The upper and lower parts of the end cover are provided with exhaust and drain valves, so that the air on the water side can be discharged when the device starts up and runs, or the water in the discharge pipe can be discharged when the device stops running, so as to prevent the heat transfer pipe from cracking in winter.

d. The shell and tube condenser adopts high-quality external thread copper tube, high-strength sealing structure, good sealing performance and increased heat exchange capacity.

e. The cooling medium of shell and tube condenser is rich and easy to obtain, such as tap water, sea water, well water, lake water, etc.

3. Material of shell and tube condenser (corrosion resistance)

The heat exchange tube is made of TP2, HAl77-2, BFe10-1-1, 316L and industrial pure titanium; the shell is made of 20, plastic, 316 stainless steel and titanium alloy; the Freon side is made of carbon steel and stainless steel;

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