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Filename Download Upload date
Safety registration and pressure pipe installation license review organization of pressure pipe component manufacturer Click 2015-08-27
Regulations on safety supervision of small and normal pressure hot water boilers Click 2015-08-27
Supervision Regulation on safety technology of hot water boiler Click 2015-08-27
Regulations of Jiangsu Province on safety supervision of special equipment Click 2015-08-27
Inspector carries standard list Click 2015-08-27
Manufacturing license conditions of boiler and pressure vessel Click 2015-08-27
Working procedure of boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing license Click 2015-08-27
Supervision and management measures for boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing Click 2015-08-27
Supervision and inspection rules for safety performance of boiler and pressure vessel products Click 2015-08-27
Gbt14292-93 specification for hot rolled carbon and low alloy structural steel bars Click 2015-08-27
GBT9019-2001 = 2 nominal diameter of pressure vessel Click 2015-08-27
Gbt3965-1995 method for determination of diffusible hydrogen in deposited metal Click 2015-08-27
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